Explore more flavors that are delicious and different. 

Here at Noona's Ice Cream, we love infusing Korean flavors with our favorite American treat! 

Here’s what you WON’T find in our ice creams: artificial colors, artificial flavors, pesticides, growth hormones, Carrageenan or GMOs. 

Toasted Rice 1.jpg



Our signature flavor is inspired by our love of rice! We create this flavor by slowly toasting Korean brown rice and whole grains and steeping it like a tea into our base of fresh sustainable dairy until the perfect point. The result? A smooth buttercream texture with a nutty sweet flavor reminiscent of Korean rice tea or the caramelized layer of rice that forms on the bottom of a pan of cooked rice. This layer of toasted rice is called Nooroongji (누룽지) in Korean. 

Sunshine 7.jpg





Turmeric is the spice that gives this flavor its yellow sunshine hue. It’s part of the ginger family and we use it to balance the sweetness of our honeycomb. Our honeycomb is inspired by an old-fashioned Korean burnt honey candy called “Ppop-gi”.  The taste is like a bittersweet caramel and when folded into ice cream, it creates beautiful gooey caramel-like ribbons sure to make you smile.

Black Sesame 4.jpg



As Noona’s favorite, we had to make this Asian classic that much better. Nutty, bitter with slight undertones of chocolate, our black sesame seeds are roasted and stone ground into a paste before being fully blended into our sweet cream. Roasted whole seeds are folded in at the end to bring out the unique complexity of this beloved flavor. Enjoy with your favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet as Bae 5.jpg



Korean spiced tea with pear! 

South Korea has a long history of making tea with fruits and the spices from roots and barks of woody and flowery plants. Sujeonggwa (수정과) is a traditional Korean tea made with warm spices, mainly cinnamon and ginger. Often paired with sweet fruit, we reimagined this flavor by blending notes of pear to our base of spiced sweet cream. 

Golden Sesame 2.jpg


The flavor profile of this toasted white sesame ice cream is the essence of Korean cuisine. It has depth, brightness, and the perfect balance of savory and sweet. Made with a touch of toasted sesame oil and whole Korean sesame seeds, enjoy with a drizzle of honey or sesame oil and extra seeds. It’s also our go-to flavor for an affogato - this pairing blew us away!



South Korea has a long history of making tea with fruits and the spices from roots and barks of woody and flowery plants. Our Cherry Spiced Tea is inspired by a traditional Korean tea called “Sujeonggwa” made with spices, mainly cinnamon and ginger. The spiced tea is often paired with fruit, and we partnered with Brooklyn maker Stagg Jam to create a tart cherry jam that makes this flavor stand out.