Our Mission

Noona means big sister in the Korean language. Noona’s was created in 2016 by Hannah Bae, a noona and pastry chef with the goal of making Asian-inspired ice cream flavors in truly delicious ways and for all to enjoy.

Passionate about sharing Asian flavors and a love for ice cream, Noona’s recipes are based on flavors that celebrate Asian-American identity and empower women entrepreneurs.

With a playful and modern flair, we look to create diversity in your neighborhood ice cream aisle and make all our ice creams with carefully selected ingredients that support our commitment to sustainability and reforming our food culture.


On Giving Back

We are so proud to support and be a part of our local community and wonderful organizations founded and led by people of color, such as Slant’d, the Cosmos and the Korea Society. If you represent a local school or 501(c)3 organization uplifting people of color and seeking our support, let us know how we can help by writing to our founding noona at Hannah@noonasicecream.com. Please understand that while we try to give as generously as we can, we're still a small business and can only extend our budget within our capability.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to support your good cause!