Our Story

"I love ice cream and I love being a noona! The word noona stands for everything I am passionate about: giving the gift of ice cream, creating new traditions while honoring the tried and true, and the joy that comes when people across the world connect through the sharing of good food and recipes."
  Founding noona Hannah Bae at 1 year old with her grandmother ("Halmoni") Tae-hee Bae.                                               

Founding noona Hannah Bae at 1 year old with her grandmother ("Halmoni") Tae-hee Bae. 
















Noona's Ice Cream was founded by Hannah Bae, a noona that simply loves making ice cream and bringing people together. 

Although sweets are not traditionally the highlight of Korean cuisine, ice cream has always been a part of any special occasion in the Bae family. Bae's fondest memories revolve around family meals that always ended with ice cream and the sharing of culture through food and laughter.

Inspired by flavors of home, Bae created a flavor she calls Toasted Rice and is now a signature flavor of Noona's Ice Cream. When Bae shared her Toasted Rice ice cream for the first time in 2014, it stuck with people and word spread. It wasn't soon after that Bae began hand-delivering her Toasted Rice pints throughout the 5 boroughs, and began developing flavors that focused on providing a refreshing new approach to the Korean flavors she grew up with. 

In the Winter of 2015, Noona's Ice Cream was created with a simple mission: to make the best Asian ice cream flavors in the world and build a company that cares for the world through its values and community involvement.

Since then, we've grown steadily and sustainably as a wholesale ice cream business making innovative and classic Asian ice cream flavors for all to enjoy. You can now find our ice creams in retail stores around NYC and Texas, and will be in more states soon enough.