Noona’s founder Hannah Bae sharply infuses touchstone Korean flavors into creamy ice cream. While the toasted rice is a fan favorite with a following all its own, the black sesame, and turmeric and honeycomb are just as wonderful.

- Eater NY, November 2017


When you hear about an ice cream flavor that's named "Sweet as Bae," you might think that Hannah Bae, the ice cream maker and founder of Noona's Ice Cream, is just as whimsical and fluffy. But this ice cream master is calm, grounded, and motivated by a deep sense of love and family.

- Korean American Story: Not Your Average Series, December 2016 


Fellow ice cream enthusiast and popular Instagrammer Diane Sooyeon Kang, of A Korean Girl Eats, couldn’t say enough about Noona’s Ice Cream.

“I grew up eating toasted rice (Noo-Roong-Ji) and I never thought about making it into an ice cream flavor. When I tried it, I could definitely taste the toasted rice that I grew up with — but the fact that it was in ice cream form, and the texture was so creamy and smooth — it shows how Korean food is progressing,” Kang said. “Now, there’s a lot of refinement to the type of cuisine that I grew up eating.”

- CBS Local, October 2016


Hannah Bae's Korean-inspired ice cream. Her newly formed company of just four months, Noona's Ice Cream, was serving up some seriously inventive flavors. The one that made me the most slap happy? Definitely the Toasted Rice. The minute it hit my lips, my tastebuds did a little happy dance. It was so toasty and creamy - two things I wouldn't normally pair together. It was sweet but not overpowering because the nuttiness of the rice really came through. Hannah told me it's because she slowly toasts premium rice and then steeps it into fresh organic cream. Hold on, just have to wipe up my drool.

- Petrone on the Rocks, October 2016